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 Unit Zeta-4, Vindicator

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PostSubject: Unit Zeta-4, Vindicator   Tue 10 Jul 2012, 12:36 pm

1st Nega Dimension

11-23-12-2643, 602nd Cycle

Zeta-4, Alteriian Vindicators

Situational analysis:

The forces of Lord Twintounge appear to be on hold. Internal power-struggles evident. Industrial complexes are producing more and more weapons and other armaments, as well as additional ships for battle.
As if they were preparing for war, but hadn't decided who to attack first.

Enemy vessels remain in patrol routes around access to dimension, as well as in defense of several key areas of Twintounge's space.

Additional photographs and number crunch attached: ///Attachment designation: zeta-4-vindicator-report-scouting///

Coordinating Officer:
Colonel Tremarin, 1st Officer of The Massing War.
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Unit Zeta-4, Vindicator
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