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 Pentronix-Septa - Vindicator's Report

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PostSubject: Pentronix-Septa - Vindicator's Report   Wed 11 Jul 2012, 11:59 am

Pentronix-Septa, 3rd Vangaurd of the Exploration Flotilla

The 28th Dimension

206th Cycle

Sociological Concerns:
Reasonable number of inhabitable worlds, most devoid of sapient life. A few outposts lie scattered throughout most of the system belonging to a race known as the "Ht" or, "Heterih". Unpronounceable in Alteriian, or most languages, their method of communication being indistinguishable from mathematical code, such as is used in some computer applications. The Heterih appear to be mostly nomadic, and partially synthetic.

Geographical Analysis:
Relativly large amount of heavy and light metals, though not the particularily valuble Star-Iron or Rock Lily. Planets tend to be small and cold, usually frigid. An unusually high amount of rings can be found around most planets, even ones closer to the star of the system or bearing life, where rings do not usually form. This is probably caused by the high amount of elemental saline substances located in the asteroids of this dimension.
Planets have a large variety of mammalian and anthropoid-esque life, usually found in temperate zones, with balanced bio-zomes.

A particularly effect agricultural crop referred to as "Zxcr" or "Zecxther" by the Heterih, common to most planets in this dimension, has an excellent nutritional value. It is similar in appearance to maize.

Other polymers and ceramics can also be found in abundance near the center of the dimension, including the semi-valuable Palladium.

Situational Anaysis:
Movement by unidentified ships in sectors 32-57, apparently civilian ships with armed escort. Probably freighters and destroyers, with scientific researchers. They all are apparently headed toward vector Beta-217, apparently on route from Heterih's homeworld, or merely their previous planet of residence. The reason for this move is unclear at this time.

Other Notes:
There appears to be a peculiar ring of planets well suited for colonization located near the edge of the dimension in sectors 21-27.
The Heterih posses relatively advanced technology.

Signing Officer:
Commander Yesthys, Vindicator
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Pentronix-Septa - Vindicator's Report
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