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 Neo-Myrionith Empire

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PostSubject: Neo-Myrionith Empire   Fri 07 Sep 2012, 6:11 pm

As of the attack on the 10th Dimension, our wondrous Dreadlord has officially made the following Declarations;
Declarations of War:
Somnis Empire

Allied Treaties:
None at Time of Documentation.

Neutral Parties:

(Feel free to change your position, simply reply to the thread with this template and either rename, shift, add your Empire/Government/Circus to the list, or post a reply requesting me to do so. This will be updated regularly for the Second Arc.)

"Oh? Did I by some off chance forget to inform you that I'm being slowly possessed by the Myrionith God of darkness and evil, and It wants nothing else to forcibly wipe away all hope and goodness and light in the universe, and the only way I can stop It is by conquering said universe? No? Forgive me, planning universal domination can cause such small matters to slip the mind."
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Neo-Myrionith Empire
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