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 Fight or Flight

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PostSubject: Fight or Flight   Fight or Flight I_icon_minitimeThu 05 Jul 2012, 2:31 am

The patchwork Somnis fleet had been drifting in the empty space of the 20th dimension for the last few days, trying to ration out supplies and keep the ships in moderate repair. There was no longer any safe haven to go to; no one left in the Empire except for a ragtag band of ships that wouldn't last another week in the deep space.

Kenzeron sat in his ready room, thoughts flashing through his mind quickly enough that he didn't have to focus on any one of them. They were running very low on options, and...

Ah, yes. One of the new lieutenants had come into the room and the General had not realized that he had granted permission. At Kenzeron's blank stare the soldier shifted uncomfortably.

"General, sir..." the nervous soldier began uneasily, "the men are beginning to fear what will come of us if we stay here, in the 20th. I know it's the Empire's last remaining ground, sir, but... the Dreadlord knows of our position. We've recieved reports of attacks on many of the other leaders' bases and fleets, and with the Empress and General Drel missing, sir... We worry what will happen if the Dreadlord decides that it's time to target us."

General Kenzeron Redmond blinked a few times, sitting in a pensive, Thinker-style posture. "So... what do you suggest, lieutenant?"

The soldier looked a little startled that the Great General Redmond had asked for his advice. "Well, sir..." He looked quite as if he wanted to get something out, but was nowhere near sure that Kenzeron would take it well. "I think... we should join the Alteriian, Martian, and NSI troops to fight for the Empress." Looking into the general's eyes as if for validation, he continued almost urgently, "There'll be safety in numbers, sir, and we might even be able to fight to help rescue her Grace. I know... there aren't many of us left and we're low on troops and resources, but sir... maybe our allies can help, and maybe we can help them. The Empress would go straight to our allies to protect us if she had to, sir. She has much pride but is not afraid to get help where she needs it. I should think that this would be the best course of action, and one she would whole-heartedly approve of, sir." The soldier looked eager, optimistic, even hopeful.

And maybe that was what Kenzeron needed. A little hope and optimism. It was hard, in these times, especially for the General. His entire family... pain flashed through his mind as he thought of them- his lovely wife, his three beautiful kids, his brother and his sisters... but he didn't let that pain cross his face. He kept a cool, always calm exterior despite the losses he and everyone else had suffered, and neither did he let them affect his judgement. That was why he was so highly esteemed as a General- he could lead men into battle valiantly even after everything had been lost. Kenzeron sat there for a long moment, looking blankly at the lieutenant, and the man started to look even more nervous.

But then, General Redmond nodded. Just nodded, and said simply, "I agree, lieutenant. Prepare our remaining ships for jump to Stalker territory. Position the most damaged fleet ships in the center of our group, the best and biggest on the edges, and make sure everyone knows what we've decided to do."

The soldier's face flushed with surprise; he had not expected Kenzeron to take his suggestion so fully, quickly, or easily. The General was a stubborn man, yes, but he was willful and almost always could decide what was right for his people. And now, he didn't only have his troops to command and protect. He had all that remained of Eris-Tam's people, and it was his very duty to ensure that as many of them as possible survived, even to the moment of his own death.

And so, that was what Kenzeron would do.


The scattered, ragtag Somnis fleet became alive again with motion in preparation for the jump. As Kenzeron had ordered, only the strongest, least damaged ships formed a shell around the outside of the group, and as soon as everything was in place the whole fleet jumped together. A rift big enough for the group of patchwork ships opened, and the entire fleet moved through, the rift closing behind them. They were in Stalker space now, and could only hope that their allies would be able to provide the much needed supplies to their citizens. Kenzeron himself prayed that the Empress would be rescued and her- and his- people would be saved.

“This I choose to do. If there is a price, this I choose to pay. If it is my death, then I choose to die. Where this takes me, there I choose to go. I choose. This I choose to do.”
― Terry Pratchett
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Fight or Flight
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