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 Lady Zyria's Home

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PostSubject: Lady Zyria's Home   Sat 18 Feb 2012, 2:08 am

Pluto is Zyria's home. Her power over a Dimension changed often, so she makes it easier by keeping her people on the small orb, and merely moving Pluto. Pluto is very barren, so they import flowers and other plants of beauty. They manage to grow their own food here, with the exception of natural wheat, which they import from Mars. Many live above or under laboratories, because a large fraction of her people are scientists. Homes on the outside are a made up of metal that protects from most anything, seemingly unemotional, but the inside is different from each house, customized for each person, warm, and inviting. Each home is filled with the most advanced technology, both life-changing and miniscule. All buildings have halls connecting them to each other, so everyone knows each other, so the entire population is like a large family. Many others do live around the Dimension, but most only for research.
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Lady Zyria's Home
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