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 Raikon Sthelte

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PostSubject: Raikon Sthelte   Wed 25 Apr 2012, 10:28 pm

Name: Raikon Sthelte (<lol look at that weird last name)
Location: 3rd Dimension
Position (who do you serve under/as what): Mari's Cameraman
Appearance (feel free to include a pic): Wellllll, the one thing that stands out on him is his bright green-blue eyes (I'm sticking with this eye color, it shall be my trademark, unless I absolutely HAVE to use a different color). His skin is a very, /very/ pale shade of grey-white, making him seem thinner than he really is. His hair is a pale brown as well, with excruciatingly small dark grey highlights, making him look quite...off, altogether. He's short for his age, as well.
Personality: Rai is......awkward. He's never sure about himself, so he seems nervous all the time. Once he's comfortable around someone, he's care free, kind, but damaged, deep down. He's very peaceful, unless you make him snap. Don't make him snap. Seriously.
Goals: To escape his past and move on. To embrace his true nature.
Strengths (5 at MOST): -Persistent. He won't take no for an answer if he thinks it's the right thing to do.
-Caring. He won't leave anyone behind, even if they're dying (if they're dying, he either stays with them til they're gone, or puts them out of their misery). He also lets anyone tag along if it means it'll help that person.
-Strong. While Rai isn't /physically/ strong, his mental capabilities are quite ranged. Plus, his ability is one of the most powerful talents a Martian has ever seen.
-Loyal. Once he's become attached to someone, he won't let anything bad happen to them, not as long as he can stop it.
-Martian Ability. Rai has a special.....power, so to speak. I've gotten an idea for it, but I need to
Weaknesses (3 at LEAST): -A huge pacifist. Refuses to fight, until every other option is exhausted, and the only way for him to survive is to use violence.
-He's not the strongest, physically. At all.
-His skin is really sensitive to certain things (yet to be determined. I'll decide before it'll be needed).
-Caring. He won't leave anyone behind, not until there's no going back, and he has no choice.
Plot ideas: Whatever happens with Mari, Rai will have a version of that, either just his POV, or, if they're separated, something's happening to him AS she deals with whatever is going on with her.

"We become aware of the void as we fill it." ~Antonio Porchia
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PostSubject: Re: Raikon Sthelte   Thu 26 Apr 2012, 7:47 am

You good! I'm moving it now~

“This I choose to do. If there is a price, this I choose to pay. If it is my death, then I choose to die. Where this takes me, there I choose to go. I choose. This I choose to do.”
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Raikon Sthelte
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