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PostSubject: Myrioniths   Sun 08 Apr 2012, 6:06 pm

The Myrioniths

Known Significant Members: Lavernius Erav (Verax), Lurinia

Reproductive Methodology: Sexual.

Average Lifespan: Varied, and further described below.

Description: A race of massive warrior humanoids from the now destroyed planet of Escadiza from the largely unknown Negative 6th Dimension. With an average height of nine to ten feet, they are large by some species standards. Other than their size, the Myrioniths act and behave largely like humans from the Third Dimension's Earth, excepting the former's technology far surpassed the latter's. Most are fairly muscular, excepting females, though many more females have the Idoa compared to males.

The Idoa: The ability to manipulate space, which in Myrionith society, is referred to as the Idoa. The way it can be used varies from user to user, some can use the Idoa to create massive objects, to transform sections of matter into energy, and others. This rare quality has always pushed its masters up in society's ranks, indeed, most head of any governmental or military Myrionith body almost always had the Idoa, for power in battle was always linked with power in governing, and for the Myrioniths, this was not mere conjecture or belief, but truth. In extremely rare cases, some of the Myrioniths were able to summon forth the essence of what and where they believe this power comes from, the Nil Realm, or a 0th Dimension, to create catastrophic or miracle phenomena, such as materializing entire planets and new weapons, to completely rendering uncountable masses of matter and existence into nothingness. However, the idea of a 'Nil Realm' is just speculation, and though it is held as fact within their society, it has never actually been proven.

Names: Each Myrionith's name held special meaning, and was carefully considered before the actual naming. This is because each Myrionith is bound by a certain ritual just after naming, that made its name define who they were. However, parents could not make a child they wanted merely by choosing the right first, middle, and last name, as each name in their language had at the least three meanings, and the most twenty. The names defined who they were, because this same ritual defined the task. At birth and naming, each child is given a task based on what the universe interprets the child's name to mean, and as the Myrioniths had no religion or system like it, it was determined that the meaning and task were blind luck. This was extremely important, as until the task was completed, unless felled in battle, a Myrionith could not die. But instead of abusing this as immortality, each Myrionith felt an ever present need to do.... something. If one's name was changed, not as in they took on an alias or nickname, but they felt so horrifically changed, that they decided to permanently change their own name, their task too would be changed, or if already completed, would be given a new one.

Age and Death: After a Myrionith completed his or her task, they would begin the slow process of aging. Prior to completion, they would remain at their peak until completion, afterwards, they would begin to age. The shortest recorded post-task death of natural causes was five hundred years, the longest seventy-five thousand. Also, as completing a task and surviving in general was very difficult, the elderly were the utmost respected of the Myrioniths.

Significant Character Name Meanings:
Lavernius: Governor, Defender, Lustful, Harmonious, Tyrannical, Cherished, Ice.

Erav: Weak, Death, Hungry, Water, Thunder, Friendly, Loving.

Lavernius Erav: Defender of the Weak, Peaceful Voice, Shield to the Misguided, Feeder of the Hungry, Good King of Tyrants, Destroyer of Pain.

Verax: (A very rarely given name, because of its almost entirely negative meanings) Harbinger of Chaos, Destroyed by Pain, The Undying Curse, The Immortal Conflict, (Never has been used this way, but could eventually) Omniscient Dreadlord Over All, (Same) Conqueror of Death, (" ... ") Sovereign King of Justice.

Lurinia: Deceiver, Controller, Motherly, Careful, Wise, Lover, Fire, Lucky, Keeper.
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