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 D'garar Und'gha'od and Eris-Tam's past relationship (is complicated)

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PostSubject: D'garar Und'gha'od and Eris-Tam's past relationship (is complicated)   Sat 18 Feb 2012, 2:02 am

After the Purge, Eris-Tam fled the NegaDimensions and tried to hide with her implant among other cultures so that Robless would not find her. One of the peoples she stayed with was the Agorians. She became involved in their military, working her way up through their ranks and eventually becoming a General under the name Et'saya Ray'tas, eventually serving under Commander Und'gha'od. They showed interest in one another, and over time their relationship developed. It was on one of their missions together that he discovered her true identity, as they were conducting an investigation in an unexplored system when something interrupted her implant and her holographic image went down briefly. She was thrown into a holding cell and interrogated 24/7 for over two weeks despite the fact that she told the truth of her past from the third day, and by the end was so worn down that she suffered mental collapse. D'garar did not go in to see her until that point despite that she had asked to see him during the entire interrogation. When he finally saw her, she had nearly lost it as the interrogation had been very rigorous. He begged her to tell the truth, that she was a spy working for one of the many enemies of the Agorians, but still she tried to convince them that her story was true, as it was. She pleaded with D'garar, told him that she would never betray him, would never do anything to hurt him or his people, that she loved him. It took him four more weeks to believe her, with her in prison or in trial during that time, and it wasn't until she was sentenced to death that he decided he believed her. He demanded a retrial and investigated further into her story personally, finding the evidence to prove that she was not lying. Her conviction was overturned, and though she was dishonorably discharged from the Agorian military, she lived and owed her life to D'garar. Their relationship was somewhat cut off by future distance, but the feelings D'garar had for Tam never changed.
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D'garar Und'gha'od and Eris-Tam's past relationship (is complicated)
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