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 Meridian System Map (Geography)

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PostSubject: Meridian System Map (Geography)   Tue 27 Mar 2012, 5:35 pm

These are the habitable planets in the main system of the tenth dimension, the staging ground of the New Stalker Initiative.

Meridia: Meridia is the current home planet of the initiative. It is a temperate planet dominated by blue oceans, blue skies, and green grass. It is approximately the same size as planets of its type, such as Mars or Earth in the third dimension. Resembling the temperate and woodland regions on Earth, Meridia is seen as one of the most beautiful planets in the system, and has been adopted by the NSI as the capital world in the tenth dimension. The system is named after this planet, found by Initiative scout fleets following the reconstruction of the entire dimension by Warship 666.

It has an important place in Stalker society, and holds many large cities and the main Council, a group of members that form the government of the NSI, which is diverse and has several representatives for each group in the Initiative. Much of Meridia's beautiful, natural landscapes and oceans are preserved through careful planning and extreme consideration of the environment. Its cities are modern, clean, and energy-efficient, spread out across the numerous continents on the planet. Island chains dot the ocean, not densely populated in order to leave them habitable and undamaged by human involvement.

Verion: Verion is the second-most populated planet in the Meridian system. The planet has a temperate tundra environment throughout, along with smaller polar regions around the ice caps. Temperatures are fairly comfortable although slightly colder than that of Meridia. The land itself is fairly standard for tundra areas. There are few large cities in Verion, but it is a huge center for military activity, with bases and defense stations sprouting up in the tundra to establish a fairly large military presence within the tenth dimension. Because of this, crime rates are lower than the already limited rates throughout the Initiative, and provide a good incentive for citizens to move to the cities for better protection.

Mountains, fields, and rivers define the terrain of Verion. Pine and evergreen forests cover the majority of Verion's valleys and river areas, interspersed between the wide, fertile fields that make up much of the planet's geography. Mountains break the landscape up further, and are good locations for tourist resorts, training bases, and missile sites. Verion is fairly diverse in its landscape, providing plenty of opportunity for agriculture and mining, and provides a good flow of raw materials for the Initiative.


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Meridian System Map (Geography)
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