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PostSubject: Awakenings   Awakenings I_icon_minitimeMon 12 Mar 2012, 9:48 pm

Day 1------------------------ Awakened Ship

After making his retreat, the other end of the rift Verax had created opened exactly where he needed it to.... the fourth NegaDimension. He was still in horrific pain, but he pushed on. Arch..... it had been so long since he had even thought that name, and with it came a flurry of other memories Verax beat back with his will, but he could not suppress it forever.... they would consume. So he decided to quickly retrieve what he had come here for. In a seemingly empty and remote part of space, he tore a massive rift open. Massive, larger than a star massive, and from within it came his pride and joy, the Voyager.

His race, the Myrioniths, had made this Dreadnought the crown jewel. It was a massive ship, the size of a planet, and with every feature Verax could ever need. Hardened exterior and interior, so not even if you placed an EMP on the control panel could you destroy the electronics within or outside the mighty ship. Weaponry powerful enough, and practically designed to, destroy worlds. Thousands upon thousands of ships, and for every ship there were hundreds of droid soldiers. A unique engine and propulsion system powered it, taking energy from the surroundings, absorbing kinetic energy, which was one of its finest features, for how can you damage something that only gets more powerful when you hit it? It also did not warp in the traditional sense, the Voyager traveled vast distances through use of, what can only be loosely defined as a 'Dark Energy Converter', which worked by instead of using space to launch one's self to their destination, it worked by turning the entire ship into pure energy, and launching itself through a hole in the fabric of reality, time and space. There were various other features which Varex had not yet discovered, but he planned to.

Verax himself however, was almost killed in opening this rift, which had closed itself as soon as The Voyager had been retrieved. A faint light lit up the area around Verax, as he was transported on board, to the master bedroom. A quiet, kind, female voice broke out.

"Hello again, Verax." At this voice Verax, with no more will to spare gave into the memories pounding at his head, and blacked out. He remembered the time when we was once called Lavernius Erav. He remembered his family dying before his very eyes, Lurinia murdering them for him. That was all he remembered, then they took root, and he relived them. He was a mere twenty earthen years of age. He was in the sole escape pod left on the planet, as the system's star had gone supernova. He pounded on the glass wall, crying, as his world, Escadiza was engulfed in flame and energy. He knew it was useless, he was several lightyears away at the speed he was moving, and a rift opened, as he landed on a planet in the 5th NegaDimension. He was raised by the Alteriia, though he was quiet and always focused on nothing but his goals. He swiftly moved through the ranks of their military, becoming one of the best.

Eventually, when it came time to do what had to be done, he and the other eight prepared to carry out his last mission, though he did not know it at the time. From suffering to more suffering, all he had was his one friend, Arch. Until they completed the mission. They had failed! Utterly! Everyone, dead! It... it was his fault! In a grueling battle, Erav suffered major wounds, and was tossed from the communications node, bleeding, and crying, until he hit the bottom. The sickening thunk his broken body had made.... he thought no pain could be worse then this.... until they found him. They.... oh the things they did...... the memories themselves started fragmenting like glass. Spidery cracks forming along the edges. Until the pane broke.

He had forgotten that he could not escape, and so, he suddenly could. Discovering he was one of the few members of his race with the Idoa, or power over space, Erav tore his captors apart, and he bathed himself in their blood and entrails, a rebirth. He rose from the blood, and took on a new name.

He looted the facility he was at, discovered that in the blast, some of the Myrionith's technology was sent into the other dimensions. He ravaged each and every world holding a piece of his heritage, until he had fully understood his world's culture, its history, and had his own Dreadnought, the highest honor a Myrionith could attain, the 21st Dusk of Flame. He found his escape pod, which he had hidden expertly when he had arrived, and tore it apart, using the Inervic metal to fashion his armor. He located the Voyager in the 4th NegaDimension from the lore from his homeworld. He was the mighty Dreadlord! Sunderer of Space! Captain of Hell's Dreadnought!

He was Verax!

He became notorious. The Alteriians had blotted out his own existence, Arch convinced he had been killed. Robless's forces hunted him, for what he had done to them while he had been tortured. But no one, no one met him had lived. He broke them as he had been broken, and ground the pieces to dust so that they could never be put back together, to restore what they were before, or to be reassembled into something new, like he himself had. He was invincible! None could stand before his might......

Or so he thought. Today, the leaders of these realms had beaten him down, and.... he was..... defeated? The very word.... the very IDEA of the word burned him inside. But no! They had not won! For one of their most valuable allies he had complete access to! Even in defeat, they had furthered his goals. Now.... he was on the most powerful warship his kind had dreamt of!

But it was not enough. This ship was NOT. ENOUGH! IT WAS ONLY THE BEGINNING!

He opened his eyes. "L-Lurinia. It is good to see you again." The holographic woman, in design of his own kind, stood about the same height as he would have without his armor, about ten feet tall. She tilted her head and smiled at him warmly. She was dressed in a white suit and jeans, and her long blond hair toppled to he left when she tilted her head in that direction. Lurinia.... Verax's sole companion these one thousand years.

"And you." She said. "Now! On to business. I suppose you need to go somewhere? Punish someone who wronged you?" Verax shook his head.

"I do indeed need to go somewhere, but not to avenge myself. I need you.... I need you to take me home. To the minus sixth." Even as he said it, he knew she would not approve. But he needed to. To study. To get more metal. To train. For although the planet and all the life on it had been obliterated, Inervic metal was unique in that it cannot be destroyed by anything, not fire, not time, not pressure, not heat nor cold.

It could not rust, it did not dull. It could only be destroyed by itself, and only specially prepared Inervic metal, that had to be bathed in only the most pure water on a total eclipse, and after soaking for two hours, must be cooled, for indeed, the water heated it to the point where at the two hour mark the pool would be vaporized, in the darkened sinful blood of an adulterous man and woman.

And unlike the other NegaDimensions, the sixth was different in that it could not be entered by simply warping, teleportation, or merely by traveling there. It could be exited that way, but not entered. For that, one needed the unique method of travel like that of which the Voyager incorporated.

The massive amounts of energy in the system would be perfect to increase his own power in. The broken world would be perfect to hone his skill in. The metal would be ready for him to upgrade his armor with. He needed Lurinia to understand that! And she did, even without him saying anything, their empathetic bond told her everything.

"Alright..... But you need to rest. Take off your armor, I made a case for it while you were away. Sleep, we'll be there soon." And before he could even protest, Lurinia walked over to him, leaned over to the side of his head, and whispered the words to him that deactivated his armor, which he had trained himself to never think of nor remember, but her saying it made it do so, and she slid it off him. Then, pointing at it, it followed her fingers path through the air, into a thick glass case to the left of the bed, and it locked itself in there. She stood straight again gave Verax one last good-night smile, before everything went black.

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1st Lieutenant

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PostSubject: Re: Awakenings   Awakenings I_icon_minitimeTue 13 Mar 2012, 12:16 am

Day 2------------------------------- Love Awakened

Verax woke, seeing the bright sun of his world shining anew.... as it had two before the first decided to explode. He exploded out from his bedsheets, and sung. "Oh good morning to you! Good morning to you! We're all in our places and we have shining faces!"

Then realizing Lurinia had stripped him down into his boxers, quickly raided the cabin's cabinet and put on a simple black shirt and pants before getting his armor to open up so he could get back in. It was a two-hour process.

"THIS is why I never take the damn thing off. It takes FOREVER to start back up again!"

Lurinia materialized next to him, crossed her arms over her chest and retorted, "Well excuse me for not letting you crush the bed. Its rated for up to 300 lbs for two people, not a ton of metal and ammo."

"Ah ha! Listen to us, like an old married couple." Varex bellowed. Lurinia just scowled and vanished. Varex.... like Archelaus had said, was simply chaos now, all hope, love, compassion had left him.

.....SPEAKING of Archy..... and of love...... Varex decided to test out this mental link he had forged. He reached out tentatively, letting his presence swim around and be known to the Alteriia, until he found what he was looking for. The Neiede. Archelaus and Aurora shared this bond...... filled with.... this peculiar.... substance? No..... Acid? Nope. ..... Gasoline explosion? Wrong. What was it? This warmth! For indeed it was warmth, this gentle heat and its comforting feel.... FEEL! That was the word. It was a feeling.... but.... what was it....? Anger? For anger had a heat... but no.... this was far to weak to be the blaze of anger..... nor hate.... nor any other feeling Varex could identify. Then he remembered what Arch had felt for her.

Love. But... his mind... if it was not already broken.... would have been snapped by trying to access this. He could not comprehend how... tight this bond was! They would go from one end of the universe to the other on foot for each other if the had to.... do anything to protect one another. Love was something

Varex could not understand..... for to him... it was little more than the base desire to pass on one's seed. But... it was more than that.... far more. Varex had given up these feelings to survive, self-preservation was his primal instinct. And none of his race remained. Or at least he believed so. He didn't know if any others had escaped, but if they had, they hid themselves well.

But this feeling! This overwhelming feel of the Neiede like a tsunami crushing him. Love..... love made one weak, but it also made one strong. When passion, intimacy and commitment exsist in perfect balance, the power that the heart gives one is immeasurable, indescribable.

Verax suddenly felt alone. Where..... where was his companion? Lurinia..... no... she was not fully real... not yet anyways. She refused to tell Varex where her sleeping body on the ship was. And he had no one else. No one to understand him, no one he could understand. No one for him to hold, to protect, to give joy to to get joy from. He had.... no one.

This sense of emptiness empowered him. He realized this, and he came to the conclusion that the power, the raw power floating around this dimension reacts with him. As his spirit would grow, so to would his power. This entire dimension was aiding him. But.... he cared too little of it.
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