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 The InterDimensional Battle between the Low Lands and NegaLord Robless

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PostSubject: The InterDimensional Battle between the Low Lands and NegaLord Robless   Sat 18 Feb 2012, 1:56 am

About 500 Earth years after the growth of the positive Dimensions, Robless finished ravaging the NegaDimensions he had control of, and turned his sights to the Dimensions. He made a deal with NegaLord Twintougue, who then allowed him passage into the Dimensions, where he began taking power in the 1st Dimension. Lady Zyria noticed the swell in energy, and began notifying the Lords that had begun colonizing the Dimension. Many of their people were evacuated and replaced with armies, when, as the last of their people left, Robless, noticed the growing armies. Quick to strike, Robless wiped out the first two waves with his first, and altered the battles to his own benefit, by leading the armies to a planet, and destroying every ship, forcing all to fight on land. The Plutonian armies began arriving, slightly evening the battle, but Robless seemed to have an endless supply of men. The battle continued for another 258 Earth years, and finally, Lady Zyria was driven to uncover her newest prototype, a sort of bomb, that would freeze everything in a cryogenic state, frozen, for however long the bomb was set to. But the invention was raw, nowhere near finished, it did not even have a way to set it off. So the Lords/Ladies met, bringing whatever they could to finish this last hope for peace. Lord Ebert, his nanoTech, Lord Archelaus, his best droids, and Lady Zyria, her Rock Lily. Using these seperate items, they worked together to finish the makeshift bomb. The trick, though, was how to keep Roblss from knowing, before it arrived. It was realized that they would have to leave men behind, so the NegaLord was distracted. So the Lords and Ladies evacuated any men they could, leaving behind just as many. With Lord Archelasu's droids, they managed to sneak the bomb near Robless, where it then exploded, sending the entire planet into a cryogenic state, as was planned.

An extraction team was sent to the planet's surface, and was able to locate and remove Robless. A massive prison was constructed following his extraction in about 150 years, and it was named Crenel. There was a special cell, smack in the middle of the man-made planetoid, designed particularly for Valderis Robless. And there he remained, in complete solitude, for the next 500 or so years, until his power was again let loose upon the universe.
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PostSubject: Re: The InterDimensional Battle between the Low Lands and NegaLord Robless   Tue 04 Sep 2012, 9:03 pm

((So uh, we gonna have to alter that a bit I assume. To include the Alshirei seeing as Eris-Tam and Robless cleared it as ok.))

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The InterDimensional Battle between the Low Lands and NegaLord Robless
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