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 The Kazesqui

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PostSubject: The Kazesqui   Thu 05 Dec 2013, 3:28 pm

The Kazesqui

Known Significant Members: Eris-Tam, Drel-Caz, Eris-Aya, Eris-Ell, King Animus

Reproductive Methodology: Asexual.

Description: The kazesqui are a race of energy beings from the negative fifth dimension. Their height and features are extremely variable, as kazesqui children are created relatively shapeless, and their forms and appearances fluctuate until they reach young adulthood, at which time their forms solidify for the rest of their lives. Each kazesqui appears as a being made of a sort of pseudo-matter, feeling solid to the touch and visible to the eye. They look translucent with a faint swirling and shimmering to their forms, and the color they appear to be varies between individuals. It is said that no two kazesqui have exactly the same color. There is only one gender among the kazesqui, but some choose one gender or the other based on Alteriian gender traits while some choose to remain ambiguous.

Aging Process: Because the kazesqui are an asexual race that lends its own energy directly to its offspring, kazesqui children are created already having a certain pool of racial knowledge. For this reason, reaching mental maturity takes far less time than for most races. Physical maturity, which is achieved once a kazesqui has settled into the form they will occupy for the rest of their lives, also occurs incredibly quickly but varies between individuals. Sexual maturity is not a concept within their culture, but the creation of a new kazesqui can only occur when the kazesqui's Neiede has been found and the bond has been established.

The Neiede Bond: The kazesqui and the Alteriians originate on the same home planet, which they have shared for their entire histories as far as anyone knows. They flourished as symbiotic species on the planet through the "Neiede" link or bond. In Alteriian, this word means "dear one," while in the nearly extinct kazesqui language in means something closer to "other half." This link is a deeply rooted mental and metaphysical connection. Due to this link, two partners, one kazesqui and one Alteriian, can share thoughts, memories, and power across their bond. Additionally, both partners' capacities for power and energy are drastically increased, granted energy from some unknown source, a well of power. It is speculated that this energy may come from the "Nil Realm," or the same "0th Dimension" that the Myrionith's Idoa abilities originate from, which they may share as negative dimensional species. The two individuals who become Neiede are apparently chosen by fate, but the truth may be either that it is simply a random occurrence or that there is some underlying similarity between the two that allows the bond. The bond lasts as long as the lives of the two it connects, and as soon as one dies the bond is severed. The Neiede link can also be severed by choice, but this  is both taboo and extremely painful and difficult for both individuals.

On Ascension, Maturity, and Tey'ira Kannen

"Very little is known about the life cycles of the kazesqui. We do know that kazesqui develop very quickly, as there is no biological development for the species. A kazesqui usually reaches emotional maturity within the first few months of life. To understand why this is the case, we must examine the three life cycles of the species.

"According to kazesqui mythology, the kazesqui has the ability to 'ascend' to their second cycle. There is some debate as to whether or not their ascension equates to death, as the results are quite similar and because there is also the question of what it means for a kazesqui to die. Ascension, in appearance, seems very similar to death; the kazesqui experiences a time of intense sickness where their mental integrity is tested and challenged. Many kazesqui who achieve ascension have already experienced something similar due to the many stressful and catastrophic times in the species' history, and so are more ready to face this test.

"In kazesqui history and legend, we can revisit an era called Tey'ira Kannen, or 'The Time of the Enlightened Children.' In this time period, many kazesqui children achieved ascension within the first few decades of life. The reasons for this are unknown, but science suspects that this era is the cause of the quick development to maturity that still occurs today in the kazesqui. Children in the start of that era were ascending before they had reached mental maturity, so the species adapted; by the end of the Tey'ira Kannen the young were achieving maturity first.

"Because of the quick development of the kazesqui, the first few weeks to months of the individual's childhood are the most important. Children of the species need close nurturing and care from their parents for proper moral and ethical development early in life, or their intentions will not be in the correct places.

"Back on the topic of the ascension itself, the Alteriian people believe that the so-called second stage of the kazesqui's life is something separate from death. The neiede of the dead describe their partners' death as the feeling that half of themselves were being ripped away and obliterated; though the bond is not broken, every time the Alteriians reach out to the bond they feel only the stinging absence at the other end.

"However, when a kazesqui 'ascends,' the Alteriian neiede reports a different feeling. Alteriians do not fear their partners' ascension as they fear their deaths, and they seem to be just as content after the kazesqui's ascension as before. Instead of absence, the Alteriians feel their neiede's presence all around them at all times rather than in one place only part of the time. Friends of a kazesqui with particularly hightened mental awareness have also been known to detect the ascended kazesqui's presence.

"In addition to the lack of absence when it comes to the link, the Alteriians have sometimes reported actual communication with their neiede, either in the form of a vague feeling or idea that is being expressed to them by the kazesqui in the Alteriian's waking hours or in the other form, which takes place during unconsciousness. When asleep, the kazesqui are apparently able to directly contact their neiede and speak directly to them in a far more clear way than during the day.

"It is not clear what the ascended kazesqui actually becomes, nor what plane of existence they habitate. It seems that, based on various observations by friends of the ascended, the second-cycle kazesqui have the ability to be either anywhere they want or everywhere at once, with the ability to communicate mentally with those who are more sensitive to psychic energy, even other than their neiede. We can at least say that the second stage puts the kazesqui in an immaterial state.

"Even less is known about the third stage of the kazesqui life cycle. In fact, in mythology, only three have ever ascended to the third stage--the Creator, who started off at stage two,,and two other figures of legend granted ascension by the Creator. Legends of the details of these two individuals have been almost completely lost. Because of the extreme rarity of the second ascension, too little is known to draw conclusions as to what is involved."


“This I choose to do. If there is a price, this I choose to pay. If it is my death, then I choose to die. Where this takes me, there I choose to go. I choose. This I choose to do.”
― Terry Pratchett
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The Kazesqui
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