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 NegaDimensional Violence/Lady Zyria's Beginning

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PostSubject: NegaDimensional Violence/Lady Zyria's Beginning    Sat 18 Feb 2012, 1:55 am

Before the Dimensions, there were the Negative Dimensions, where life first began. There are only six NegaDimensions, but each are very powerful, consisting of pure energy throughout. The first people lived in the second, third and fourth NegaDimensions, with rulers Twintoungue, Rodgers, and Robless (in that order). Robless and Twintoungue hoped for power, and took the other few NegaDimensions, but the Lady Rodgers ruled her people peacefully, advancing the primitive NegaDimensions in science. Eventually, NegaLord Robless hungered for more power, and tried to intimidate Lady Rodgers out of her NegaDimension, eventually attempting violence on her people. He was distracted, though, by Lord Twintoungue's discovery of the Dimensions that had grown from the 1st NegaDimension. Robless immediately made plans to take whatever Dimensions he could, but Lady Rodgers denied him passage through her NegaDimension (they had not invented teleporters at that point), causing Robless to attack her NegaDimension. The Lady fought back as much as she could, but her military could not handle the power unless they had the motivation of their rulers there. Lady Rodgers planned to evacuate her people, but she would have to leave her closest friends, the top military leaders, behind to keep NegaLord Robless from breaking through the lines. As she led her people to the unfamiliar Dimensions, she stumbled upon the small and modest Pluto in the third Dimension. Believing she could hide her people on the small orb, the Lady began making life better for her people. Sadly, though, all were lost back in the third NegaDimension, but they managed to slow Robless down for a millennia.
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NegaDimensional Violence/Lady Zyria's Beginning
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