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PostSubject: [DATA EXPUNGED]   Sat 18 May 2013, 9:03 pm











Item #: SCP-1736

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1736 should be contained within a standard cell surrounded by a powerful electromagnetic field at all times. This field must have sufficient emergency back-up systems so as to be kept active at all times.

SCP-1736 should be distanced significantly from SCP-1751 at all times. SCP-1736 is to be kept separate from all sentient subjects. All personnel to enter SCP-1736's cell must not have interacted with SCP-1737 through SCP-1755 at any point and must not have knowledge of confidential or restricted topics and must have permission from two Clearance Level 3 personnel.

All tests are to be conducted with the subject restrained with three inch steel clasps (leather or foam padding along clasp interiors are permitted). The subject must be also contained within a mobile electromagnetic field to separate it from all other individuals excepting D Class personnel during testing procedures.

All interviews are to be conducted by video feed with the interviewer on the opposite side of the protective field. SCP-1736 may be provided with reading material exceeding 400,000 words triweekly upon the subject's request.

Description: SCP-1736 appears to be a kazesqui female of indeterminable age. The subject has stated that it is of approximately 1400 years of age, and records from that time appear to confirm this. SCP-1736 displays a high level of intelligence and telepathic ability including mind-to-mind communication and up to direct manipulation and control of personnel.

It was initially, upon containment in ████ █████ ██, able to steal information from the minds of other subjects and personnel throughout the facility. SCP-1735 has expressed knowledge of the Founder and [DATA EXPUNGED] (See Interview 1736 C). Prior to containment via electromagnetic field, SCP-1736 displayed seemingly infinite regenerative potential (see Experiment Log 1736-1), but upon establishment of the field this seemed to become extremely limited (see Experiment Log 1736-3).

SCP-1736's temperament is generally calm and compliant and it will answer most questions when asked in a reasonable manner and is nonviolent.

Note: Testing of the genetic sequences of SCP-1736 through SCP-1755 has indicated that SCP-1736 is the biological parent of SCP-1737 and SCP-1754. Testing also indicates some relation between SCP-1736 and SCP-1750; further testing is pending approval, the subjects are now being considered siblings.

Addendum 1736-1: When SCP-1737 through SCP-1755 are mentioned to SCP-1736 or when it learns of their containment and the testing conducted on them it becomes violent and uncooperative; all personnel should be removed from its cell for their safety as SCP-1736 will become very dangerous (see Incident Report 1736-1).

Addendum 1736-2 SCP-1736 and SCP-1751 seem to share some sort of powerful telepathic link and research indicates that they are "neiede" (see ████████ ████-██). When the two are exposed to each other in controlled conditions, even when separated by two A-strength electromagnetic fields, SCP-1736's regenerative capabilities increase nearly eight-fold (see Experiment Log 1736-4) but further testing of the responses of of the two subjects has been strictly prohibited (see Incident Report 1751-5).

Experiment Log 1736-1:
Subjects Involved: SCP-173
Experiment Supervisor: Dr. ███████
Personnel Involved: Research Team ██
Date and Time: █████ ██, ████ at ██:██
Location: Lab 136B
Description: Research team under Dr. ███████ conducted an experiment in which SCP-1736's regenerative abilities were tested. The subject was restrained on a medical examination table with three inch steel clasps padded with foam to prevent damage to subject or personnel. The subject was also blindfolded for the duration of the experiment. Testing began by creating several long cuts on the subject's arms and legs, which were almost immediately healed regardless of length or depth of cuts. Audio and visual recordings of the procedure, which can be found at [DATA EXPUNGED], indicate that SCP-1736 experienced a pain response during the experiment. Testing continued with amputation of extremities and progressed to the amputation of full limbs. Between each amputation, the limbs were able to restore themselves. No matter the extent of the damage and pain response, subject seemed able to repair wounds repeatedly and without scarring or lasting damage.

Incident Report 1736-1:
Subjects Involved: SCP-1736
Personnel Involved: Dr. █████ and Research Team ██
Date and Time: █████ ██, ████ at ██:██
Location: [REDACTED]
Description: Upon the arrival of SCP-1737 through SCP-1738, SCP-1736 became restless and agitated. The first time SCP-1737 and SCP-1738 were tested on, SCP-1736 became violent, attacking the personnel in its cell at the time and causing the death of █ personnel before escaping its cell. It headed toward Lab ████ where SCP-1737 was being tested. Subject used a form of telepathic manipulation to prevent anyone who attempted to interfere with its path from succeeding. It refrained from harming personnel when possible. SCP-1736 caused the death of ██ personnel before being neutralized.

SCP-1736's behavior during Incident 1736-1 is highly puzzling. If she had these abilities throughout Experiment 1736-1, why did she not put them to use against our personnel? This troubling behavior suggests a high level of selflessness as she only got involved when others (I assume others that she cared about) were put in danger. We will have to be careful when performing tests on other subjects that she is familiar with and possibly enhance safety measures around her cell during those times. -Dr. ████████





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