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 A Friend, A Sister, A Lover

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PostSubject: A Friend, A Sister, A Lover   A Friend, A Sister, A Lover I_icon_minitimeSun 28 Apr 2013, 3:40 pm

Tears tracked down her cheeks, eyes red, fingers typing furiously. She'd saved five drafts of this letter, each drastically different, each not good enough. Not enough to express the undying gratitude and the love, without betraying her fear. Not good enough. But it would have to be. She didn't have time to write any more. Her small transport which she'd recovered from the wreckage of an old battle, was almost to its next destination. She barely had enough time to get her thoughts out, and now she was worrying that they would not be enough.

She was exhausted. She was afraid. But there were things that needed to be said, that she would never get the chance to say if not right now. Shoulders shaking with sobs, she closed her eyes and tilted her head upwards, skywards, praying that this would be enough. She saved the sixth draft, and she initiated the transfer to her implant, the programming already set up to do what she needed to do when the time came.

This is what she wrote.


"I have programmed my implant to deliver this message to all of you (Robless, Zyria, Cassus, and Archelaus) as soon as my vital signs have disappeared. This means that when you receive this, I will have died only moments ago. Time is funny like that. I am only glad that I was informed of this outcome before I lost my chance to thank all of you. I have decided to leave this as something of a goodbye to everyone, and as a warning.

"You are probably wondering how I knew to prepare this message. A short time before what will be my death, I started having visions which I believe were thrust upon me by some omnipotent entity, though I have no solid knowledge as to the true origin of the visions. They were not intended to be malicious though they were confusing, and would leave my mind ill at ease for weeks at a time. In the first bout of visions, I saw myself die. I saw myself die in the arms of my love, Archelaus, and I saw Verax beside him. For one moment in the midst of their duel, they have set aside their differences to fret over me in my last moments. This, if anything, is a testament to the goodness in them both, and to the idea that even the bitterest of enemies can share common ground when it comes to the things they care about. I know, but I cannot regret, the last words that left my lips. They probably only worsened the outcome of all of this and will be one of many reasons for the suffering you all will shortly endure. For that I do apologize, but I said those words even knowing what will happen and I would never dream of taking them back. I told them I loved them. Both of them.

"If my speculations are correct, none of you have time to waste. Maybe not even enough time to read this message, so I will keep it short. If I am right, and if I have managed to decode my cryptic visions correctly, my death will trigger the release of Shade. In this case… all I can suggest to all of you is to hide. Archelaus, I assume at this point that Aya is with you… and in that case you need to keep her far away from Shade. If she is not with you… then just know that she can take care of herself. In that case I only fear that perhaps she may be the only thing that will be able to end this struggle with Shade… I know she proved useful to Verax for keeping It from overwhelming him; I cannot know for certain, for my visions have not been so extensive. As for the rest of you… I really cannot advise you all on what to do. I would, of course, prefer that you all are safe… but the only place you could be safe is aboard the Custodian, and that leaves no one behind to fight Shade. So… no matter what you decide, please be careful. I sincerely hope none of you will join be in death before your time.

"I guess you won’t be seeing me again. I don’t know how the afterlife works; I’m not sure if I will be able to watch over you while you go about your destinies. But the best of luck to everyone, and know that I will watch over you if I am able. Please do not despair too much over me; know that my life has been long and fulfilling, and though it has certainly had its abyssal valleys it has also had the highest mountains I could ask for.

"As a conclusion… I would like to leave you with a piece of information that some of you may be aware of but are unwilling to acknowledge. I know it to be true: This war was never us against Verax. It was Verax against a god. He fought as hard as he could, and many of you tried to make that harder for him, whether knowingly or not. I know that he forgave all of you, though, even if he would never himself say it. When Shade came into being It tore Verax apart. As far as I am aware, he is now dead.

"Attached are personal messages for each of you, to express my gratitude for all you have ever done for me, and perhaps a few humble requests that, if fulfilled, would make me much less worried about leaving this world.

"Thank you, all of you, and… good luck in the coming struggle. Goodbye.

"Eris-Tam, your friend, your sister, your lover."

“This I choose to do. If there is a price, this I choose to pay. If it is my death, then I choose to die. Where this takes me, there I choose to go. I choose. This I choose to do.”
― Terry Pratchett
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A Friend, A Sister, A Lover
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