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 Jet Black (Time Traveler)

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PostSubject: Jet Black (Time Traveler)   Tue 16 Apr 2013, 8:48 pm

Name: Jet Black (he gave himself this name when he first started talking to people online, since all of his friends had names and he never did.)
Location: ...?
Position (who do you serve under/as what): None, he's a traveler.
Appearance (feel free to include a pic): Jet is relatively tall and has a thin build, relying mainly on speed and agility as well as skill to take down opponents. He wears super-reflective aviators, and is uncomfortable without them. His hair is jet black and short, swept up and slightly to the side, and he hardly ever shows emotion on his face, confining himself to only the smallest of smirks and eyebrow rises. He wears (exclusively) blazers and suits because it's the only thing he finds cool enough no matter the weather. He mainly wears one of two suits or one of two blazers:
The Blazers (for casual wearing):
The Suits (for more formal occassions):
His hair, approximately, but in black:
He's clean shaven, always appearing "cool" or "edgy." He is the cool kid. He loves dubstep and synth mixes, and his DJ skills are pretty good. He always looks relaxed.
((SUPER SECRET: under his shades, his eyes are gold.))
Personality: Jet is the cool kid. He's slick and smooth, talented too. Though he may seem like the overrelaxed kid who doesn't give a shit about anything but himself, he is actually really adamant about protecting his friends no matter the personal cost to himself. He doesn't pretend he's some sort of martyr and dismisses the many things he goes through (including witnessing dead copies of himself everywhere in attempts to fix problems by meddling with the past) no matter how much someone tries to tell him he's making a great sacrifice. (Though, obviously, a strong argument could be made to call him a martyr, he really doesn't care because he's not in it for the glory.) He may seem selfish but he is most often the exact opposite. He does know he's cool, though, and that's mostly where he seems egotistical.
Really, he's kind of messed up inside. That's why he guards his personality and emotions so closely. He is forced to see himself, dead in sometimes horrible ways, and to dispose of the bodies secretly before anyone finds them and freaks out. It's all due to time loop mistakes and corrections, and he knows that, but it has still affected him.
He is also ridiculously smart, as shown by his ability to effectively navigate timelines and prevent doomed timelines and unstable loops.
Goals: Generally... keep the people he cares about safe. Have fun. Go places. Help people when he can using his rare abilities.
Strengths (5 at MOST): Time-travel, stealth, speed, intelligence, youth
Weaknesses (3 at LEAST): He becomes desperate and acts irrationally when he can't prevent something bad from happening to the people he cares about. Jet has a hard time getting close to people and refrains from sharing much info about himself. He doesn't have much brute strength, instead relying on trickery and speed so he often fails when confronted face-to-face.
To give a good metaphor: we are all, say, normally traveling down a straight corridor at constant speed, and this is our timeline. Instead of the idea of going through a door on the hallway and coming out further ahead on the hallway, this system of travelling is many parallel, similar hallways (universes) to which the time traveler has access through corridors that stretch between the halls. Some are angled straight, some back, some forward. They may not cross their own paths, either. Every time they move within the timelines they have to find a different passage. Notably, that statement applies to every iteration of that traveler in every possible hallway. But of course, sometimes they mess up and do things they're not supposed to, like go back or forward along their own hallway or cross a previously laid path, they are reset back to the decision to do that and a dead version of them appears due to the need for the time loops to be stable, i.e. they get corrected and supposedly prevent the traveler from making the mistake again. However, Jet sometimes becomes desperate despite knowing the futility of the situation and will try again and again to get it right, often resulting in quite the corpse pileup.
Part of Jet's power comes from a small orb about the size of a large marble which is all black and white with chessboard themes and patterns. It has several layers which can be rotated and aligned; that's how he chooses a point in time to travel to. However, no one else can use the device but Jet, seeing as it only serves to facilitate and focus and ability he already has. He does not know why he has this ability; he grew up alone, with no explanations and has been without a parental figure his entire life.
Plot ideas: Uh... gonna do some plot with a character Robless will make? Then maybe integrate them into main plot eventually.

“This I choose to do. If there is a price, this I choose to pay. If it is my death, then I choose to die. Where this takes me, there I choose to go. I choose. This I choose to do.”
― Terry Pratchett
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PostSubject: Re: Jet Black (Time Traveler)   Thu 18 Apr 2013, 6:45 pm

"We become aware of the void as we fill it." ~Antonio Porchia
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Jet Black (Time Traveler)
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