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 Ghost (Wake up Jacob!)

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PostSubject: Ghost (Wake up Jacob!)   Ghost (Wake up Jacob!) I_icon_minitimeWed 02 Jan 2013, 7:27 pm

There were a few spare ships from Verax's fleet just sort of sitting around you know... for a couple week... in first dimension space. Just sitting there. Waiting. For something. Perhaps Verax had eaten too many bagels, or captured too many pidgeons with ducktape, they didn't know, but sat they did.

So a random ghost of some dead Alteriian came to haunt them.
As annoyingly as possible in fact.

This ghost messed with the internal cockpit controls, the ventalation systems, the food replicators, the weapons targeting systems, he misplaced their toothbrushed and switched out their communication frequencies with ones from derelict Alteriian ships, so they coud listen to static all night long.

He overcooker their food. He pulled pranks on them as they walked about their ship.
Once, he even painted a soldeir's toes blue and purple polkadots, just for fun.
Because he wanted the grand story of the universe to continue.

Soon more Ghosts came to the fleet, unti virtually every ship under Verax's command was being bothered pranked and generally messed with. And they were very annoying.

"Certainty of death, *small* chance of success... What are we waiting for?" - Gimli
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Ghost (Wake up Jacob!)
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