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 Historical Timeline of All Events Leading Up to the Present {WIP}

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PostSubject: Historical Timeline of All Events Leading Up to the Present {WIP}   Wed 02 Jan 2013, 6:27 pm

RP CREATED: “In the Name of Mostly Pointless Warfare”
Facebook group, technically started by Zyria (leader of the Plutonians), Robless (leader of the Stalkers), Emerik (leader of the Martians), and Archelaus (leader of the Alteriians), but group created by Eris-Tam. Prior to this, the group was nothing more than silly posts on things.

The “Lower Lords” of the Low Lands (classified by being dimensions 1-10) began to experience conflict in the form of attacks by Robless, who was then joined by Emerik and Archelaus in attacking Lady Zyria.

Lady Somnis, ruler of the 11th dimension, designated as the liaison between the lower and higher lands. She tries to stop the conflicts by sending word from the High Council (board of leaders of the High Lands) that if the conflict did not stop, they would have to intervene with their superior technology.

Lady Somnis offers to exchange with Lady Zyria that she will allow the Plutonians to move to a dimension within the High Lands to protect them from the wrath of her fellow Low Lords, if the Plutonians were to offer some of their knowledge and scientific advances. The other Low Lords decide that they might aspire to take on the High Lords for more territory.

An ionic discharge engine (IDE) disappears from Emerik’s storage, and he believes that it has been stolen.

Robless relocates some of his people into the 10th dimension, since it has just been abandoned by Lady Zyria. The High Lords do not like the idea that he will be closer to them and more readily able to initiate conflict there.

D’garar Und’gha’od, Warchief of the Agorian people and also a High Lord, meets up with Lady Somnis and Lady Zyria (newly a High Lady) to discuss what to do about the Lower Lords’ conflicts. After Zyria leaves, D’garar reveals to Lady Somnis that he was the one who stole the IDE from Emerik. He proposes that they overheat the IDE in the 10th dimension, which would effectively destroy the occupied areas. Lady Somnis reluctantly agrees, because she sees it as being the safest option.
See also: http://dimensionalchess.forumotion.com/t5-d-garar-und-gha-od-and-eris-tam-s-past-relationship-is-complicated

As it turns out, the only people Robless had stationed in the 10th dimension were research and civilian groups, innocents who were killed by Lady Somnis and D’garar’s actions. Archelaus condemns both of them under the code of his people. He states that the only two ways that they could be redeemed in the eyes of the Alteriians is to either be killed by them in honorable combat or to undertake a ritual called the Kran Til’mok. This process is one where a person is required to walk through a river of lava. The people who undergo this almost always die, and in their honorable death they are redeemed.

Lady Somnis decides to go to the Alteriian homework to attempt the Kran Til’mok because she is honestly sorry for the innocent deaths she was responsible for. D’garar accompanies her, and Archelaus begins to realize that Lady Somnis is his long lost mate, who he believed to have been killed in the Early Wars. Lady Somnis goes through the ritual and barely survives, but is redeemed.
See also: http://dimensionalchess.forumotion.com/t69-the-kazesqui-alteriian-connection

Unbeknownst to the Lower Lords, the High Lands have been in a state of unrest. There has actually been a war raging, because one of the higher families had a grudge against the Somnis family and tried to wipe them all out. The other High Lords try to stop them but get caught in the crossfire and most of them and their people end up getting wiped out.

Lady Somnis announces that she is giving up her title as a High Lady, and will return to using the name given to her by her all-but-extinct people, Eris-Tam. She reveals that she is a member of a race called the kazesqui, a creature that is energy based and consists of a sort of pseudo-mass. Her race was wiped out save for three individuals: herself, Drel-Caz (her second-in-command), and one other.
See also: http://dimensionalchess.forumotion.com/t4-the-story-of-the-kazesqui-people-as-known-by-the-last-surviving-old-order-kazesqui-lady-somnis

Robless has something of a life crisis. He decides to send a live video feed to the rest of the leaders in which he tells them that he is tired of being hated, that that’s all he’s been for hundreds of years and somehow now he wants free of it. He tells them that he is about to shoot himself in the head and that if someone does not come to his aid quickly, he will die. He tells them that if no one cares enough to save him, then he’d be better off dead anyways.

A few moments after Robless’ live transmission, Eris-Tam suddenly and mysteriously disappears from D’garar’s ship. She appears in the room with Robless’ dying body, and merges herself into his brain to repair the damage. (So far in the roleplay, kazesqui are the only race with this capability.) She is successful in healing him, but then is not powerful enough to retain a form outside of him without dying; she remains in his mind. While there, she discovers something troubling.

Eris-Tam discovers that Robless’ mind is infected with a parasite the feeds on the good thoughts of its host and influences them to carry out the bad thoughts. It is called the Thel-ghan’che. This parasite was one that plagued the Alteriian and kazesqui people when they still lived on their homeworld as sister races, more than a millennium before. Eris-Tam realizes that this parasite has been controlling Robless since the Early Wars, when he attacked the lower dimensions and the other leaders had to imprison him in Crenel (a man-made prison planet) to stop him. The parasite has been the reason for his evil and cruel actions all along.
See also: http://dimensionalchess.forumotion.com/t70-the-thel-ghan-che-and-the-first-infestation

Eris-Tam tells Robless to go quickly to the ship she disappeared from. D’garar is still on board, and Archelaus is on his way, having realized that Eris-Tam is his Neiede. As soon as Robless and Tam arrive, the ship is hit by a large meteor-ship, belonging to a nasty race of bug-like creatures called Fleshers and the entire ship is swarmed by them. Tam grows stronger as Archelaus nears due to the power granted by the Neiede link, and just as another meteor punches into the ship, sending it spinning straight towards a star, Tam leaves Robless’ mind. She drags the Thel-ghan’che out with her as only a kazesqui can. Unfortunately, in the confusion and rush of the moment, the parasite manages to infect Tam’s own mind.

Tam teleports Robless, Archelaus (who has been rendered unconscious), and D’garar to one of D’garar’s other warships, the 666, or the Demigod. D’garar calls Zyria and Emerik to join them for a meeting regarding current circumstances. Drel-Caz, Eris-Tam’s second-in-command, comes looking for her, as well as a man named Cassus Drugari, looking for his commander, Robless. The two become involved in the plot. At first, Tam seems fine… until she suddenly turns and stabs D’garar in the back. She is horrified by what she has done and can only tremble and watch as Zyria tries to heal him. She is successful, but he is still wounded. It is decided once these violent outbursts of the Thel-ghan’che become more regular that she should be sealed off in the medical bay with D’garar and Robless, who will try to keep her under control.

Robless and D’garar struggle with keeping Tam from hurting them or anyone else. The parasite forces her to use her energy to burn Robless, leaving him weak and in pain. Eventually, D’garar is forced to render her unconscious so that at least the parasite won’t hurt anyone else. Later, after both D’garar and Robless pass out from their wounds, Archelaus wakes up and tries to go to Tam. Drel-Caz and Zyria are the only ones there to stop him, and they try to explain that if he goes near her and she gets stronger, it will only provide more power to the Thel-ghan’che. Archelaus doesn’t listen, however, and actually attacks Caz and Zyria. He doesn’t harm Zyria, but he throws Caz into a wall and then nearly kills hm. After Zyria calms Archelaus down and he leaves, she rushes to Caz’s side and tries to figure out how he’s injured. He stays in human form so she can operate on him, as one of his lungs is punctured by broken ribs. This is a huge bonding moment for the two, and they start to fall in love.

The other leaders meet to discuss what to do about the parasite. Emerik tells of a counter-parasite called the Lyikos, and explains that he has one inside him. Archelaus proposes that they enter Tam’s mind and fight the parasite themselves with the added power of the Lyikos.

Inside Tam’s mind, the Thel-ghan’che throws illusions at the leaders, of their deepest fears and things that will discourage them or confuse them. Emerik sees his dead daughter, and Zyria sees Caz. At first the parasite exploits her fear of him going off and finding a Neiede, and leaving her all alone. Then he seems to appear and tells her to ignore everything the parasite had said. Then, she is forced to watch as hands hold her down and pull Caz away from her. The hands rip his body apart and he dies, and the strange hands leave his body twisted and broken, bloody on the ground. Zyria thinks he’s actually dead, and begins to break down. Tam appears then, and sorts things out, but isn’t able to hold off the parasite for long. In the end, none of the leaders are able to withdraw from her mind, and Archelaus makes a final desperate move. He subdues the Thel-ghan’che for what should be a while, and then breaks the Neiede link between himself and Tam. He does this partially to get all of the others free from her mind before it tears her apart, and partially because he believes that she no longer loves him and that she loves D’garar more. The other leaders wake up and find Archelaus in a coma like state from breaking his link with Tam. Tam wakes up a while later and panics to find the link severed. She tells that her relationship with D’garar was just a defense mechanism so that she could have some relief from the pain of not having Archelaus. Eventually she goes to where he lays in oblivion, and tries to reestablish the link. It works after a few tries, and Archelaus wakes up.
(There is another scene here between Emerik and Tam, before Tam reestablishes the link. It is largely irrelevant, but if you want to read it here it is: http://dimensionalchess.forumotion.com/t23-in-the-mind-eris-tam-and-emerik-the-blade)

After reconnecting the link, Tam realizes that she needs to leave and find a place where she won’t be able to hurt anyone else. She decides to go to Crenel, a prison planet built to contain Robless after the Early Wars. She says goodbye to everyone and sadly wishes them all luck. Cassus Drugari then steps forward and reveals his speculation that he is Eris-Tam’s half-brother, who she hasn’t seen in over a millennium. Then she leaves.

In trying to decide what to do about Tam, the leaders decide to retrieve a new Lyikos to combat the Thel-ghan’che from a cave on the surface of Mars. They depart to find it.

The leaders’ ship descends towards the surface of Mars. As they break into the atmosphere, however, their ship is attacked by a man named Verax. The back of the ship is completely separated, and Caz is almost sucked out. Zyria keeps him from falling but then falls herself. She breaks her arm in the landing, and is in the middle of the desert with no supplies. As soon as the ship skids to a stop, Caz insists on setting off after Zyria. He eventually reaches her, and uses his energy and his implant to mend her broken bone. He also creates water for her though it weakens him, so she doesn’t die of dehydration. Meanwhile, Verax comes down to the surface and a confrontation ensues between him and the leaders. After that, a small robot named Dreston rescues them from the creatures on Mars’ surface and lets them into his home. Eventually Verax comes in search of Drel-Caz, looking to “study” him. He abducts him to his massive dreadnought-class ship, the Voyager. Verax and Archelaus have a showdown while Caz is on board, and Caz happens across a prisoner of Verax’s, and Alteriian named Ma’at, who is his Neiede. Caz refuses to accept it though because he loves Zyria. He tries to push Ma’at away. Archelaus gets “possessed” by a creature called Archon, and once their duel begins, Caz tries to stop them but is unsuccessful. and Verax destroys Archon without killing Archelaus. Verax’s dragon destroys Dreston’s home and tries to kill the leaders. From there, Dreston manages to rescue Zyria and Cassus while one of Robless’ ships picks up Robless, Archelaus, and the others.
On Mars’ surface: http://dimensionalchess.forumotion.com/t32-mars-mission
On the Voyager: http://dimensionalchess.forumotion.com/t41-the-voyager


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Historical Timeline of All Events Leading Up to the Present {WIP}
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