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 6th Dimension Description - Home of the Alteriia

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6th Dimension Description - Home of the Alteriia Empty
PostSubject: 6th Dimension Description - Home of the Alteriia   6th Dimension Description - Home of the Alteriia I_icon_minitimeSun 19 Feb 2012, 2:07 pm

As the Alteriia traveled through previously unexplored space, seeking to evade Lord Robless's soldiers,
They found the perfect planet on their sensors.

A giant completely dark sphere of fire and ash. It seemed the perfect place to go to. It mirrored what thier hearts felt like.
Fire... for hatred of Robless. Darkness, for their hope of ever seeing their loved ones again, who were left behind...
At first they called it, "Kramua" (Or, the lonley place...) but as the years went on, and as other species started calling it Vertrus, (The Black Planet) they changed its name.

Vertrus is unique in the world much as the Alteriia are unique amound the galaxy, as Vertus has no star. Life is only capeable on this planet, because of the shifting, boiling, various undercurrents of lava, which give both life and light to the Black Planet... just not in the normal visible spectrum of most speices. The planet itself, is huge, well beyond the size of most stars, as such the gravity of the planet is crushing, despite that it is mostly composed of less-dense materials. The people of Vertrus, as such, are understandably huge. However, due to the lack of Dense-materials on Vertrus, they developed almost enitrley without the use of metals. Most of thier power relies not on thier physical size, although they are strong, but in thier use of the mind. The Alteriia have developed in such a way that they can literally move objects using thier thoughts, as well as sense the emotions of other speices. The most powerful users of Rolxan (The Unseen Force) can tear apart a small vessel.The Alteriia is covered with aprox. 25% lava rivulets, and 75% livable sectors (To various degrees). Most of the industry is located in the slightly more hospitable poles in the North and the South, due to the reduction of gravity, but no speices other than the Alteriia would find the planet liveable. Most species rate this planat as an "X" planet, where no life should be found.
The development of the mind lead most Alteriia into a Hyper-Spitirual state, bound by the codes of honor. As such, there is very limited corruption, squalor, vandalism, piratism, or lawlessness on the planet and its extensive colonies. The best way to describe life with the mystical and spiritual Alteriia would be "Enlightened". The most common professions on Vertrus include: Sciences, Military posts, Education, Production (Machinery, harvesting, etc...) and high-end technological advances, as well as the implementation of new technologies.

From this power base, the Alteriia expanded across the neighboring dimensions...
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6th Dimension Description - Home of the Alteriia
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