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 The Military of the Mjollnar

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PostSubject: The Military of the Mjollnar   Mon 03 Dec 2012, 11:32 pm


The Rjorr reigns as the supreme Military Commander of the Mjollnar forces, with the Circle serving as Admirals and Fleet Commanders.

Most officers tend to be experienced counselors, trained in the great universities of the capital cities, knowledge gleaned from both books and war.


Typically Mjollnar fleets are organized by the sectors of origin, and by the commander in charge, but in large scale conflicts of worth, they are detailed into specific duties and roles, while nontraditional of most warfare suites.

Ship Types:

Fighters/Bombers/Small Craft
The Mjollnar single and double cockpit fighters are renowned for their sleek natural appearance, seeming to deal death with flawless elegance from a burnt orange sky. Their fighters act largely as other races' fighters do, with more emphasis on firepower and agility than outright speed or defense.

The Mjollnar do not posses destroyers in the largest sense of them. Their ships are designed to deal huge quantities of burst damage, amplify shields for a short time, and then use speed to withdraw from counter attack. They kill with a thousand needles, and they kill with a thousand swords. Generally, these ships are not constrained to active duties of most destroyers, hunting down bombers, fighters, and wolf packing frigates, as they typically are assigned by other races.



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The Military of the Mjollnar
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