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 5th Dimension Descripition

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PostSubject: 5th Dimension Descripition   Sun 19 Feb 2012, 1:59 pm

The Fifth Dimension was the first world that the Alteriia retreated to after The Battle of the Morning Dove, but instead of settling in its lush worlds, the Alteriia continued onward to the 6th Dimension to their original target, the famed Vertrus.

However, as their power expanded in the 6th dimension, the Alteriia wished to colonize other dimensions. Their first target was the grasslands and food producing, nearly entirely empty 5th dimension.
Now, hundreds of years later, the 5th dimension is almost as important to the Alteriia as the 6th, as it produces most of their food, and other natural products.
It is also the home of the majority of the Alteriia's bio-science activities.
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5th Dimension Descripition
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