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 Hyperian race (Cybrian race changed to Hyperian)

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PostSubject: Hyperian race (Cybrian race changed to Hyperian)   Thu 25 Oct 2012, 6:43 am

The Hyperian Race

The Hyperian race are humanoid mechanism that live on dark matter. They were made at the very beggining of the forming universe but have been in hidding, waiting in the dark and learning more and more from the universe. Legend says that they had a creator and that has been the true aim of their race, to bring back the creator from wherever he may be.

Military type

Rogues: Hyperian rogues are mindless and have only commands fro there leaders. Th rogues are deadly in stealth, speed, agility and have been training for meleniums.
Swordsmens: Hyperian swordsmens are much like Rogues but use dark matrix swords which are like light sabres but more powerful and has only one colour... Black.
Marksmen: Hyperian Marksmen is the long distant attack troops that can use a variety of long distant weaponry. Marksmens has a way with these weapons and can altar and can sometimes learn almost instantly how to use it.
Hypeticians: Hypeticians is the races scientsists and works to create new technology and hack. These are some of the most highest intellect species in technology.
(To be names): heavily armed warriors which creates chaos and fear. They are meant for strength, size and heavy equipment. These soldiers are around 9foot tall.


The Five Commanders Hyproperian: these are the commanders of the race, they control everything that happens in the hidden empire. The way the commanders have meetings and discuss their diplomatic discussions are unknow. No one has ever witness these events except the commanders and if someone does it will be immediate death. This has made some people suspicious in what's going on but nobody dares question their authority.

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PostSubject: Re: Hyperian race (Cybrian race changed to Hyperian)   Thu 25 Oct 2012, 6:49 am

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Hyperian race (Cybrian race changed to Hyperian)
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