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 Tides of Change

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D'garar Und'gha'od

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PostSubject: Tides of Change   Thu 13 Sep 2012, 9:46 pm

After witnessing the final events of the rescue of Eris-tam, D'garar once again vanished.
He took a small ship, deep into the Nega-Dimensions. His journey was changing him. His race was early extinct. During his Elder transformation, a virus swept through his people. Something engineered with sole purpose of eliminating them. Survivors were left infertile.

The once proud and arrogant leader of his people, learned of this as Eris-tam was in her final battle for her mind. It broke him. He had loss the love of his life, and now his people. This pilgrimage was morphing his very essence. He let go of his name. It was not important. He let go of his heritage. It was all gone.

As his mental state changed, the raw energies of the Nega Dimensions morphed his body. His skin darkened to that he faded with the darkness. He took new clothing, a black cloak. He took on a new name as well. He would now introduce himself only as "The Monk."

As these final changes took his body. Verax's sensors detected the small ship flying in his land.

"I am bound to no man or woman. I shall be nameless. I shall be a shadow to change this world for the better." - The Monk
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Tides of Change
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