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 Conquest Doesn't Mix Well With Alteriians

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PostSubject: Conquest Doesn't Mix Well With Alteriians   Sun 09 Sep 2012, 4:32 pm

Highly advanced spy-drones circled the DreadLord's ship, the Voyager. Alteriian drone technology was so advanced that the Voyagers relatively weak sensors (per its size) were unable to detect them. The Voyager was created to destroy things, not find them.

Scout ships skirted the edges of the dimension, which was home to varying small space-faring nations, which inhabited only a few dozen planets of the dimension's realm. Weak, but creative and industrious, the nations shivered behind the Voyager's presence. The drones continued to relay data, fleet positions, Voyager's emissions, any ships that were around, near, or within warping zone of the dimension.

They prepared battle analysis gave swath after swath of undetectable information to the Alteriian fleets, laying just out of range of the Voyager's sensors. The battle data was useful, but was by no means the ace card the Alteriians intended to play.

Video feeds were suddenly sent from the voyager, coming from immense broadcasters, toward several dimensions.

The Alteriian sensor network immediately blocked the broadcast toward Alteriian worlds, but others would probably had to listen to Verax's insane rantings.

Archelaus watched the message himself, curious of what Verax would say. Surely no one in their right minds could listen to the mass murderer, the most evil man to exist in the face of the universe, the one who conquered with blood, who had no mercy, no compassion, no heart, and nothing to look forward to in the afterlife with Naru. He was an empty husk, all the light and goodness devoid from his heart, filled with delusions of grandeur and shadows.

Evil was never grand.

But Archelaus listened anyway, in case Verax made a mistake somehow.

The message was simple, and pointless.

Verax did not make peace, he made war. He was war. He drove himself to war. He did not want to bargain with anyone, he did not want diplomacy with anyone, he wanted death for everyone, and he wanted supremacy for himself. He would not stop until every society was ripped from its freedom, from its natural rights under Naru, or until every last race in the universe was destroyed.

Archelaus nearly laughed at the absurdity. Diplomacy and Verax did not mix.
Neither did Alteriians mix well with being conquered.
It was time to end this monster's inane babbling, and send him tail tucked between his legs to his destroyed home planet.

Using his command console, Archelaus sent messages to the various fleets, and the Vindicator Assembly. "Prepare to deploy, on my mark."

"Certainty of death, *small* chance of success... What are we waiting for?" - Gimli
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Conquest Doesn't Mix Well With Alteriians
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