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 The Mjollnar

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PostSubject: The Mjollnar   Sat 08 Sep 2012, 12:59 pm

The Mjollnar


21st Dimension. The 21st dimension is home to a series of arid but fertile planetoids, arranged in a rough globular clump near the center of the system. This clump of desert worlds is further surrounded by large number of gas giant systems, and deep space drifts, in which smaller, greener planets are protected by their defensible surroundings.

At the extreme center of the system, there lies a huge Class X star, a deep blue in color, which emits huge amounts of light, heat, and radiation through the empty space.

The 21st Dimensions is known to posses large amounts of the relatively rare Radiance Crystals, which function as a fuel source for the primary species of this system, the Mjollnar.

Lifespan and Biology:

In appearance and biology, the Mjollnar are similar to lions. They are great desert cats, living in extreme heat, with powerful bodies and focused minds, wanting to be pampered as much as any cat, they build huge feudal and vassal domains, with great public construction projects dotting each world they claim as the Ancient Egyptians of Earth built. They are the great and proud cat hunters and warriors of the 21st dimension, several feet taller than most races, and several feet longer as well. They are capable of standing upright, but prefer four paws, if they can, where their increased speed, agility, and power, is at its height.

The Mjollnar typically live three to four centuries, but six or seven hundred years is not uncommon.

Significant Members/Government:

The Mjollnar live in feudal domains, each represented by a single leader, of proven merit and strengths, each in control of a sector, each with a voice in the circle, but largely in control of his or her domain, unless the Rjorr intervenes, or the Great Halls of the sectors vote him out of office. The Mjollnar discovered that infighting rarely helps society, and the Rjorr steps in if there is too much mis-constructive bickering.

The Circle of Hunters: Composed of representatives from each vast State-Domain.

The Rjorr: The Supreme Leader of the Mjollnar people, whom the Circle answers to. A great contest every five hundred years, or when the current leader dies, among every Mjollnar of age decides who the Rjorr will be. To be the Rjorr is the greatest honor, and the greatest responsibility, that a Mjollnar can have. He is aided by the Prides, which constitute something similar to a federal government bureaucracy.

In times of war, the Rjorr is delegated direct and extreme control of all aspects of Mjollnar life, while the Circle runs administration.

-To Be Continued-

"Certainty of death, *small* chance of success... What are we waiting for?" - Gimli
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The Mjollnar
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