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 Tu Nedreiz High Councilmen of the Alshirei De Neteir

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PostSubject: Tu Nedreiz High Councilmen of the Alshirei De Neteir   Tue 04 Sep 2012, 7:43 pm

This is Tu Nedreiz leader of the Alshirei. He towers over the others with a fierce sense of peace. He will fight to defend his people and is prepared to die for them. Loyal to the whims of his people, He serves as the breaking point of the 7 chairs. He has 4 children, one of major importance and heir to his seat. He has a majestic white beard and scales of pure black with white ripples. In humanoid form he takes on the shape of an old yet wise man in a cloak. He married into his chair with the beautiful Tazia Ultari, daughter of the old High Councilman.

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Tu Nedreiz High Councilmen of the Alshirei De Neteir
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