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 Alshirei De Neteir

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PostSubject: Alshirei De Neteir   Tue 04 Sep 2012, 7:01 pm

Ancient beings the Alshirei are massive, the eldest known to be in the hundreds of meters in length, however averaging up to 152 meters. They are wise beings able to live hundreds of thousands of years before natural death falls upon them (with the exception of council members who are immortal due to a ritual performed at their welcoming) . They have their own language, they teach it only to leaders so that they may have civil conversations in turn learning the language of that species as well.

They played a part in the Early Wars aiding Eris Tam in victory against Dreadlord Robless but departed soon after leaving no trace of their continued existence. The Alshirei are peaceful but can become aggressive. They claim the 29th dimension as their home living on 8 of its 47 planets within its 5 galaxies. They call the Etnoth galaxy theirs. The Alshirei are not the only species to live within this dimension however are the only ones with knowledge of other species within the dimension.

Geography- They inhabit anything and I mean anything, the Alshirei have cities within volcanoes, majestic floating sky-towns, they use technology to their advantage, obtaining it after the Early Wars. Their thick skin protects them from most elements allowing them these radical climates to thrive in.

Abilities- In order to commune with other species the Alshirei adopted the ability to shape shift, however only into 2 forms, a human-like state for conversing with smaller species, and a smaller version of their true self's for tight space combat. They also do not require oxygen or any elements for that matter to survive, only needing to eat every 100 years to thrive. (Which means space dragons)

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Alshirei De Neteir
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