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 A Change of Leadership

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PostSubject: A Change of Leadership   A Change of Leadership I_icon_minitimeFri 17 Aug 2012, 5:44 pm

Commander Kenzeron Redmond stood proudly on the bridge of his ship. It was only days since the Empress had finally been returned to the Somnis fleet, and instead of staying and resuming her position, she made some changes. Since her second-in-command, commander Drel, was currently in a state that made him unfit to serve, she'd needed to appoint someone to stand as the new leader of the Somnis Empire. She hadn't resigned from her position as Empress, but now she served more as an advisor and figurehead than actual leader. And that position... had been granted to Kenzeron. The Somnis ships had been repaired, thanks to the NSI, and the commander knew that he and Robless would be allies in the coming war. The Battle for Crenel had just been the start; now was time for the real war.

The Empress had made the decision to stay with the Alteriians, who were also the Empire's strong allies, and Kenzeron felt it safe to leave her there. She now had two children to look after, and the Alteriians had far greater a force than the Somnis Empire did, so it was better for her to be there, with the Alteriian leader. Since the Battle for Crenel, Kenzeron had ordered some modifications be done on their ships--the goal being to lighten them as much as possible, improve manuverability, enhance stealth systems, and create better cloaking technology. Their weaponry had not been improved, instead focusing on infiltration and speed. Since the fleet really had no base of operations, they would be drifting through and providing help where needed, to their allies. They would also serve as scouts to warn of impending dangers, and ships which would be capable of sneaking spies in and out.

All in all, Kenzeron had been hoping to turn the Somnis fleet into a valuable war asset. That way, their allies would not abandon them when their time of need came. It was a good plan, and Kenzeron was confident it would hold.

“This I choose to do. If there is a price, this I choose to pay. If it is my death, then I choose to die. Where this takes me, there I choose to go. I choose. This I choose to do.”
― Terry Pratchett
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A Change of Leadership
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