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 Cleaning Up

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PostSubject: Cleaning Up   Cleaning Up I_icon_minitimeTue 14 Aug 2012, 8:09 pm

Purple flames catapulted out of the sleek and carnivorous looking vessels above the planet, creating lavender arcs across a black backdrop. Blue beams blinked in and our of sight, like dancing lances of death, carving into whatever they touched. Warp technology gave space a greenish and sickly glow.
Red and orange flames lept back to reply, sending yellow streaks across the emptiness, shattering shrapnel into space.

Battle danced its deadly dance.

It was not long until the scraggly and hastily assembled pirate-fleet was forced to withdraw from the battle zone, retreating like rats to every nook and cranny, often bruising each other in their will to escape... for the hunter was on the prowl. So many of these enemies came to call the Alteriian ships "Hunters, Predators, Prowlers, and Nightbanes" that the Alteriians often referred to their vessels that way themselves, instead of their traditional names in the ancient Alteriian script.

Yes, they scurried away very quickly into the asteroids of the 7th Dimension, away from the blazing Alteriian warships... and straight into the waiting guns of the Coalition. The silver and gray weaponry lit up to expose the Pirate's predicament, which was total encirclement by relentless and over-powering fleets of vengeful enemies. As one would expect, they raised the white-flags very quickly, int the process leaving the buccaneers trapped landside without any air cover, or hope of escape into the reaches of space.

Within seconds Predators swept across the pirate encampment on the watery-cave world of Teriyn, several landing craft dropping Alteriian commandos onto the ground as soon as the skies were cleared for a landing force. The overextended pirates stood no chance against the highly trained, cloaked marines and commandos. Following a short and nearly silent battle, the Alteriians routed the hardy but ill-prepared pirates, securing the tiny land-side settlements and communications outposts in minutes.

It was the thirteenth such battle that the Alteriians and Coalition had engaged in, as they sought to sweep every vestige of the enemy from the Dimension, which was not taking very long, since the fleets from both The Flesher War and the The 2nd Battle of Crenel, as it came to be known, had returned from duty. This allowed the Alteriian military to refocus on securing and re-colonizing the Alteriian dimension.

As the Warships made their sweeps, Alteriians in civilian vessels followed close behind, eager to begin their new lives creating new homes on new worlds. Within days, the 7th Dimension had more occupants then it had in its entire history, and it became the fifth royal colony-dimension of the Alteriian Peoples.

"Certainty of death, *small* chance of success... What are we waiting for?" - Gimli
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Cleaning Up
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