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 Eris-Tam's Attempt at the Kran Til'mok

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Eris-Tam's Attempt at the Kran Til'mok Empty
PostSubject: Eris-Tam's Attempt at the Kran Til'mok   Eris-Tam's Attempt at the Kran Til'mok I_icon_minitimeSat 18 Feb 2012, 8:32 pm

From the viewpoint of Arch-General and High Druid Archelaus of the 5th, 6th, and 8th Dimensions, and the High Mystic of the Alteriia: The calm pool that was Lord Archelaus' thoughts rippled with unease. He found it so hard to believe that the Lady Aurora could accept the sacred challenge with the serious intent of succeeding. Only Alteriia had accepted the challenge before, and the last challenge had been... nearly seven hundred years ago.

"How could a forigener hope to withstand the Dansk'mok? Surley, she must posses some kind of sacred racial power similar to the Rolxan if she is to survive such an encounter... and yet, my intelligence has not alerted me to any like the Alteriia... Except...

No. That was eight hundred years ago..."

His great head shifted several degrees to face the black void above, with emerald light gleaming from his eyes, as he concentrated on the Rolxan, hopeing to feel Lady Aurora's precense.

Unable to feel anything but his own people, Archelaus sighs, and faces downward upon the black rock of his home, Vertrus, and focuses on the life beneath.

Bacteria struggle beneath his feet, and in the air. Cells grow on near surfaces, plants shoot up thier stalks from the ground, pulling at the ground and stiring toward the sky. A skadasha, (Or, "Little One" similar to a rabbit or a mouse) takes tiny breaths nearby, safely hidden in a shallow hollow in the ground.

It is always calming to feel the Nakya (Or, "The Life Force, The Spirit") of the life around him. Each being a curious blend... There is no metaphor suited to describing the Rolxan, but if it was art, each life has a different color, a different tone, different shades and hues. If it was music, each has a different rhythm, notes, keys, chords...

"Perhaps she will find her inner peace in the Dansk'mok, much as I did, those seven hundred years ago..."

Suddenly, the wind shifted, and the scents spiked. Something was near. Lord Archelaus sent his mind to the sky again, to search for her precense... The Life Force of the person that would dare to face the danger of another culture's most dangerous trial in the name of honor, and for the hope of an alliance that might save what is left of her people.

Gently his mind searched the vessel, looking for her... for the being that possesed the honor that his people so highly valued.

Suddenly his mind found hers. Lord Archelaus' face trembeled... "No. It cannot be. She... No. I must see for myself" Caught up in his now longer rippling, but raging thoughts, Lord Archelaus swayed out of the garden, into the midst of the landing pad, his Chakla'fa (Or, the wise ones) close beind him.

The leader Und'gha'od, slightly arrogant, but powerful, stepped out onto the pad...His mind elsewhere, Lord Archelaus spoke tiny words with him, as he could not concentrate to Zoual. (Or, to Mind Speak)

Anxiety, hope, perhaps a tinge of longing, and fiery curiosity gleamed in Archelaus' form as the from decended from the Warship.

Lord Archelaus froze like the Drassa on the First of the Frozen weeks.

It could not be. How could she be alive after the battle of The Morning Dove? She was the messenger, the savior, the warrior who brought hope...

And she had been destroyed.

Yet there she was.The raging pool turned still as glass, as The Lord Archelaus understood what events had taken place. He signaled his advisors, and transcended to the river Dansk, only slightly aware of events occuring around him... His mind was enveloped in putting the pieces of the mellenium old puzzle together.

Lady Aurora's people and his own had once shared a world in the Nega Dimensions as twin races... the Battle of the Morning Dove was fougth against Lord Robless' troops to escape thier exploding world and retreat to the other dimensions. It was her people that fought his army, against all odds and hopes for victory, to allow his to escape.She told them to run, instead of die along side thier forsworn allies. That her people would die to save his.

There is no greater sacrifice.Lord Archelaus held his peice, and communed with Narushah to guide her path through the Dansk'mok to the Tstl-tolec. (The Place of Tears) It was there he found the strength to continue on his path, though he had forever been seperated from his Neiede... (roughly translated, "The Loved one") to honor the sacrifice of Aurora's people by making his strong.

He had few doubts she would succeed.

She had never failed a test of determination and will before, and her heart was as pure as purity could ever get. Still, he prayed...

Perhaps, when she recovered, she could direct him to Neiede...

And suddenly, War, Injustice, and Death seemed far away."Fly onwards with the Dawn, Lady Aurora."
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Eris-Tam's Attempt at the Kran Til'mok
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